Edward Alexander Bouchet, 1st black physicist (1852 – 1918)

I mentioned that I would be making a couple of posts dealing specifically with black history month. Yes, the month is already halfway over but I don’t recall any rule saying I can’t start late or make these posts in November for that matter. Anyway we will be starting with something near and dear to my heart, physics.

The man pictured above is Dr. Edward Alexander Bouchet. Ph.D Physics, 1877, Yale University and member of Phi Beta Kappa. He spent most of the rest of his life teaching chemistry and physics at an all black school in Philadelphia. All this at a time in when most black people were lucky to get any kind of rudimentary education at all.

People like him inspire me greatly. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be a black graduate student in the 1870’s. He probably faced obstacles I can barely imagine on a fairly regular basis and yet he stayed true to his goal and excelled. That kind of strength of character gives me something to strive for and helps make me a better person.

Dr. Bouchet, wherever you are, I’m probably not worthy to walk in your footsteps. But I’m going to try anyway.


11 Comments on “Edward Alexander Bouchet, 1st black physicist (1852 – 1918)”

  1. lacresha says:

    this is very helpful i think this guy is very inspiring to me because i want to get my PH.D to so i will look up so him as setting the way for me and others who want to follow in his path

  2. Brianna says:

    is this what edward saying

  3. amayah says:

    i will go with the same thing lacresha

  4. amayah says:

    don’t you have somthing to say

  5. amayah says:

    am doing a report about him and i need some help with this report

  6. amayah says:

    i think should learn more about edward alexander bouchet

  7. amayah says:

    can somebody help me with edward alexander bouchet
    i need a web site to find out about some information

  8. amayah says:

    i think edward alexander bouchet is a good guy edward alexander bouchet was the first african american to graduate 1874 from yale college

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