Snow Day!

For those of you not living on the east coast, we are currently being hit by another in a string of snowstorms that have been appearing lately. This one is supposed to keep going until some time Wednesday. One consequence of all this snow was the closing of school this afternoon, meaning that my 6:00 class didn’t happen. I’ll probably have to go in on friday to make up for it. School may also be closed down tomorrow if snow is still falling and the roads haven’t been properly cleared.

That I don’t understand. Winter happens every year here. Therefore every year there is snowfall. The means to clear snow aren’t exactly rocket science (believe me, I know) so the fact that every year the state ends up struggling to figure out how to get rid of the snow makes no sense to me. Well, either way I have food and a crapload of work I need to do. I’ll be fine


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