Spring Break recap

The popular image of spring break seems to be one where college students run off to some warm part of the world to engage in unspeakable debauchery for a week. I never really had one of those kinds of spring break experiences. At least not the ‘flying off to warm places’ part.

I did have a really great week though. Friday night I went out with my brother and a friend of ours to another friends birthday party, which was being held at a club in New York. It was fun. I got pleasantly buzzed and danced with a couple of women. Pretty much my definition of a good night out. I don’t really go to clubs to pick up women. It sometimes happens that I meet an interesting woman by chance. For the most part, however, I find that the club atmosphere is not the best place to get to know someone. Personally, I prefer bookstores and record stores.

Anyway, back to my week. On Saturday, I threw a bunch of clothes in the back of my car and drove almost 200 miles to Baltimore where one of my closest friends works as a researcher at Johns Hopkins. I love hanging out with Joel. He’s one of those people who is totally honest and comfortable with all sides of his personality. I’m still working on being that comfortable with myself but around him I can let it all hang out. There are maybe two other people in the world that this holds true for. I got to his place on Saturday night and we made plans to go clubbing again, this time with a cousin of mine who lives in D.C. and a few of her friends. One of her friends got us in since her date worked at the club. Joel and I then spent the rest of the night alternating between dancing with strange women and protecting the women we came with from persistent, drunk men. (sidenote: this is another of the reasons I don’t try to talk to women at clubs. There is an absolute lack of common coutesy on the part of most men that makes a lot of the women hyper defensive)

Interestingly enough, I did meet a woman this time. One of my cousin’s friends was there with her roomate, who happens to be a neuroscience grad student. Now, it just so happens that intelligent, attractive black women who like to dance are a great weakness of mine. Plus, there actually seemed to be some chemistry there. I did, however, fail to get her number. Not that she wouldn’t have given it to me if I’d asked, I just never got around to it. That was stupid, I know. I’m hoping my cousin will go against character and get it for me. I plan to keep pestering her until she does. I fail to understand something though. My cousin knows plenty of really attractive, really intelligent women and she know’s I’m single. Yet, I only meet them by accident. Strange, isn’t it?

Sunday was a little slow. We cleaned up his apartment because his fiance was going to be visiting for a month and the apartment looked like a small hurricane had blown through it. By the way, I really like his fiance. Most of the time, I have a really low opinion of the women my friends choose to be with. This one is a genuinely nice human being who loves him. Plus she’s absolutely beautiful and has a great sense of humor. I’m really happy for him. After we straightened out the place we just lazed around and caught up on each other’s lives. Then we picked up two med student friends of his (he’s also going to med school in the fall) and went bar hopping. That was a lot of fun. All of his friends tend to be really honest, open people. Add in alcohol and we had a blast. Plus a 45 year old woman tried to pick us up at the third bar we went to. She basically cycled through all of us before giving up and going home.

On Monday, I went to lab with him and met the Ghanaian doctor who runs his lab as well as his lab partners, including this absolutely stunning Laotian girl who apparently can’t get a date. Wierd. Anyway, they worked, I studied quantum physics (yes people, I took my books with me on my weekend off. I am a geek after all) and then we went out for happy hour with the med students and sat around for a couple of hours drinking beer and talking about science, love, sex and everything else. It was a really good night.

I left on Tuesday just before his fiance showed up. I figured they’d want the apartment to themselves plus I had work to do. Also, considering that I’m in a four month old drought, the idea of listening to other people have sex wasn’t that appealing to me. Hopefully, things will work out with the neuroscience girl. The rest of the week has been dedicated, for the most part, to homework and study with short breaks to do stuff like watch The Incredibles on DVD. That movie is easily one of the best super hero movies I have ever seen.

So that was my week, how was yours?


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