Batman Begins

Batman Begins

I’ve seen this movie twice since opening day. Once by myself and again with the geek crew (two of my brother’s friends, both engineers and comic book geeks). I can honestly say its tied with Spider Man for best comic book movie. Then again, I’m biased.

Batman has always been my favourite comic book character, followed closely by Spider Man. Its really not that hard to understand why if you’ve ever met me. Batman has no powers. He’s just a normal man who has developed his mind and his body to the absolute best of their potential. Granted, he’s an emotional cripple, but he still represents the potential inherent in a trained, disciplined body and mind to accomplish great things. Kind of the reason I’ve always been a fan.

Sidenote: How many times is Morgan Freeman going to have to take a minor character and make him into someone memorable before hollywood gets the message that he deserves much bigger and better roles? Lucius Fox is a minor character at best in the comics. However, in the movie, he is transformed into someone as important to the story as Alfred, in no small part because of Mr. Freeman’s acting skills


One Comment on “Batman Begins”

  1. kastor417 says:

    I have to agree with you but MF also gave some class and style to the movie which made it less cartoony and more of a respectible movie

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