Slight shift in schedule

I started writing the Race and SF post, but found myself overwhelmed by all I wanted to talk about and caught up in the wide range of possible directions I could take the post in.

There was also a little more anger than I expected. I’m going to attempt to refine what I have and give it focus in my free time tomorrow.

In the meantime, I Figured I’d keep my word to a couple of people, including Pam, and put up something from a series of papers I wrote in my senior year of college as part of a privatereading I took examining black science fiction. Basically I reviewed a series of books and discussed the issues they adressed, then used them all together to write a paper on the varied ways they all tended to deal with the issue of race and other important themes.

The books were(in no real order)

Bloodchild and other stories‘ – Octavia Butler
The Intuitionist‘ – Colson Whitehead
Lion’s Blood‘ – Steven Barnes
Skin Folk‘ – Nalo Hopkinson
The Gilda Stories‘ – Jewelle Gomez
Futureland: Nine Stories of an Imminent Future‘ – Walter Mosely

I’ll probably put up a new essay every couple of days until they are all up. I hope you find them interesting

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