My favourite Linux tools

People often wonder why I run Linux. Honestly, after having met me that seems like an unecessary question. My love for the quirky and interestingly unusual alone should be enough to answer that question.

That said, I’ll get into the issue of why its a great idea later. For now I’ll just go over what tools I use here for people who are curious about Linux software.

Music: Amarok – This is literally the best music player I know of on any software. Seriously. I’d put it against winamp or Itunes without thinking for a second. It supports a lot more audio formats out of the box, has native support, a native podcast client, can work with almos any digital music player(including Ipods), automatically downloads album covers and has the best music browser I’ve seen on any system. Seriously. Its great.

Video: Kaffeine & KMplayer – These both used to suck a little while ago. Now though, they are actually pretty good video and DVD players. With a little bit of tweaking they will play just about anything you throw at them.

Firefox – Does this really need explaining?

Kopete – Another program that has finally become useable on a regular basis. Comparatively I’d out it above GAIM these days.

LaTex: Kile – I do as much of my document creation in LaTex as I can get away with. My class slides, for instance, are all PDF’s created using the Beamer class. Basically if no one has to edit it after me, or they do but they also use latex then I use latex. Otherwise,

Document Creation: If I am sending documents in ODF format I use Koffice. If I have to use MS Office formats then I use Openoffice.

Personal Finance:
KMyMoney – Its a good program for keeping track of your money and staying on budget.

Photo Management:
DigiKam – Pretty much the KDE equivalent of Picasa. It works great for managing folders full of pictures. Plus it works well with my digital camera.

That’s most of them. There are other great tools out there but this covers a selection of my favourites.


2 Comments on “My favourite Linux tools”

  1. Steelysteel says:

    Yo man, you’ve inspired me to restart my linux exploration. I dl’ed Ubuntu a few weeks ago and it’s was pretty nice. Now seeing all of the cool stuff they have on Kubuntu, I’m sold.

    Thanks man

  2. umbrarchist says:

    I did a search on depreciation on the KMyMoney website.

    It did not show up!

    This is the problem with the Western economy.

    In 2003 there were 230,000,000 cars in the US. What did the economics profession say about the depreciation of all of those cars?


    Of course this is now relevant to computers also. I could buy a $3,000 laptop today. What will it be worth in 2 years? Less than $1,000? You could argue that the use I got out of it was worth it, maybe. But if I bought a used laptop for $500 that could not play DVD movies but did all of the real work I needed and spent the other $2500 on an Oriental rug then the rug would be worth more than the $3000 laptop in 2 years.

    For most people money means time spent on a job. If it is spent on things that depreciate that is time thrown away. Time is what your life is made of. A good accounting program should emphasize depreciation and track it in order to reduce it.

    Of course that would be bad for American consumerism. LOL


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