Some road show pictures

Me holding a crocodile tail at Paga, just south of the Ghana – Burkina border
Me and the Crocodile

The Physics Department at KNUST. I gave a talk there on open source scientific computing
tech physics

Yeji, A fishing town on the banks of the Volta lake. We grabbed a ferry here

Two Women on a motorbike in Tamale (a very common sight actually)
Women on motorbikes

A good shot out of the bus door

Maybe I’ll throw up some more later


9 Comments on “Some road show pictures”

  1. esbee says:

    I have to change your link on my blog..

    What’s up Kwa? It’s been a while..great pics..what kind of camera did you carry?

    I know someone that attended KSUST. Had friends in Legon as well.

  2. kwasi says:

    Esbee! good to hear from you man. I need to link your blog up again I see.

    I use a Canon Powershot A400. Its one of their lower end cameras but I am a huge fan of the kind of pictures I’ve been able to get off it.

    KNUST is an interesting campus. Very pretty in parts too

  3. Wow, you have nicer busses than I remember from my childhood in TZ…

  4. […] Instead of spending his time responding to scam emails, the Ghanian blogger, Ramblings of an African Geek, likes to play with crocodiles. He shares some close shots of himself with a crocodile, in Paga, northern Ghana: Some road show pictures: […]

  5. pics says:

    I wasentrapped in her, i think she wanted julianna rose mauriello pics to relax and jack.

  6. kizzie says:

    Very colourful, truely Ghanian!

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