Why Ghana Telecom sucks: Part 1

This will probably be the first of many rants about our local phone monopoly, Ghana Telecom.

Background: Ghana Telecom is Ghana’s state owned telecom company. At the moment they pretty much have the monopoly on all wired phone services in the country. They also have a monopoly on the SAT-3 underwater fibre cable that is meant to provide cheap internet access to a bunch of African countries. This is decent background on the cable and all of its shortcomings.

Now, I could rant for months about all of Ghana Telecom’s issues. Its a really huge target that way. Mostly because its so horribly inefficient that two cans and a string are probably a more reliable than their service.

Today’s post, however, shall focus on the terms of service for their horribly overpriced broadband service(link here)

When you open up their application form, at the very top it states


Are you an existing subscriber of another broadband service provider or ISP? If yes please note that you will have 30 days within which to terminate your contract/service with the provider. This termination will have to take place prior to connection to the Broadband4U service. Also the Proxy Termination Agreement must be duly filled.

In other words, in order to use GT broadband, I must give up my right as a consumer to purchase bandwidth from any other ISP. They are in effect telling their consumers, who are overpaying them for service btw, how they can spend their money.

I’m curious about the identity of the person who came up with this clause. I’m also curious about its legality and the competence of the lawyer they had advise them on its inclusion. I mean, if this is legal then what stops my local pineapple vendor from banning me from occasionally buying fruit from her cheaper competitor? Or Sony from telling me I have to get rid of all Samsung TV’s before I can buy one of theirs.

They are a vendor. I am a potential customer. I can choose do buy a service from them. I can also choose to get service from any of the dial-up, wireless internet and cellphone services out there that sell bandwidth. The lack of respect for the consumer inherent in that clause goes a long way to explain how they managed to bungle the advantage their monopoly affords them and why telecom in this country is far more expensive and unreliable than it needs to be.

I’ll come back to them again later. And probably often.

10 Comments on “Why Ghana Telecom sucks: Part 1”

  1. sam ade says:

    Good post.Fact is as far as government plays a role in business there would be “monopoly” by some players.Unless there’s a billion dollar Teleco comes along Ghana Telecom would still be king.

  2. kwasi says:

    I’m not sure that government should totally be banned from participating. The current situation where they control the market and block anyone from competing is insane and needs fixing.

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  4. NitrogenX says:

    Indeed GT broadband really sucks!! where on earth would you get anyone selling broadband for 32/128? for you folks out there who do not know what this means, it means 32kbps speed for upload and 128kbps speed for download. WHERE WOULD YOU EVER GET THIS, GT of course.

    their service is heck slow, you hardly can download anything over 1mb without waiting for years. I wonder why they are still here and everyone seem quiet about it. If only other ISP could have been a little cheaper this GT would have been out of business. I just cant hold my anger enough against them. they suck! someone should get rid of them!! they are unable to handle their clients, they cannot solve problems, their support guys do not even know what they are doing YET they keep filing Adverts for more customers.

    You will call their customer service line and it will take you 30mins or more before someone (if they will at all) pick up, and come to tell you silly stuffs like restart your computer. WTF, what has my puter got to do with a silly snail broadband which is hefty slow!? if we ever gotta sit up on this people we will be throwing our money out for nothing! If you have to use their services, I bet you are better off without internet!

    • Bigtt76 says:

      Well I don’t know for you but it seems satisfactory…I use the residential package and I download hell fast.

  5. Those are some good reasons why it might suck, but just think of it as could use some improvement.

  6. broadband services these days are getting and cheaper and faster too, very soon we would have an affordable Gigabit internet ~

  7. Jeff Skibski says:

    most broadband services are crappy, they can’t maintain high data transfer rates ,.`

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