Three of the best words in the english language

“four day weekend”

For my religiously inclined brethren, enjoy your easter. For me though, this is just time to relax a bit, read and enjoy the time with my family.

On the book agenda I am reading

Volume 2 of The collected speeches of Kwame Nkrumah (Really interesting. Partly what I expected and partly not. I might need to talk about him sometime)

Per Greg’s recommendation, Forty Studies that Changed Psychology (also interesting. Some of these studies I’d heard about and some I hadn’t. They all definitely make you think though)

Also per Greg’s recommendation, Accuracy and Reliability in Scientific Computing (just started this one. For anyone who’s learning how to write scientific software I’d pretty much call it essential)

A paper on Open Source Software in Africa courtesy of the Afrorise blog

Another paper on the economic impact of Open Source Software, this one based on research done by the EU.

I hope you enjoy your free time like I’m enjoying mine people.


2 Comments on “Three of the best words in the english language”

  1. From your writings above, I’m quite postive that you would be interested in my new novel The African Agenda at my website or order it from

    I would also appreciate it if you would post it on your site.


  2. kwasi says:

    Your book looks interesting. I generally don’t post up stuff I haven’t read myself though. Its just a matter of principle. If I read a copy and I like it you can be assured I’ll talk about it. I wish you the best of luck though. I do want to see Ghanaian writers do better.

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