Random OLPC related coolness

I tend to keep an eye on the One Laptop Per Child program because

  1. I think the technology behind it is several kinds of cool
  2. A large chunk of the software for it seems to be written in Python (also cool)
  3. Education in the developing world is kind of a pet obsession of mine and while I have misgivings about the project, I love the general idea behind it

One of these days I’ll talk more about it (notes into blog Basket) but for now

A picture of the OLPC in use in Nigeria courtesy of Planet Python (makes me smile)

The Koolou TinyPC, which apparently uses a lot of the same hardware. This seems like a very interesting replacement for AMD’s defunct Internet Communicator. For the record I want one. Actually, once I get into grad school this will probably be one of my gifts to me.

I should probably also mention the intention of the OLPC manufacturing company to come up with a slightly more expensive commercial version (sidenote: why is the story harping on developed countries? Do you know how many of those laptops I could sell in Ghana? If they are even halfway smart they’ll try to partner with universities and corporations in developing countries.)

And now a request: Does anyone have a recording or the slides from the Pycon OLPC talk or know where I can get them?


One Comment on “Random OLPC related coolness”

  1. Benedict says:

    I found your blog, i think your blog site is awsome, keep posting.

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