Windows may be seeing its last days here

For the last month or so I’ve been dual booting Windows XP with Kubuntu Feisty as it goes through the development cycle. Interestingly they support all the hardware on the laptop with the exception of some sound issues I still need to fix. Otherwise its a very usable system

I honestly haven’t booted back into XP in at least a month. The only thing Windows has had going for it in the recent past has been gaming. This isn’t quite a gaming laptop though. And there’s a ton of free games out there for me to play with if I decide to get back to gaming.

Hence, I’ve decided to step up and actually be the free software advocate I play at work. Once Feisty goes final I say goodbye to windows on this machine and go Linux only. There’s no reason not to and frankly I could probably use the 15 GB of hard disk space I currently have assigned to an OS I barely touch


One Comment on “Windows may be seeing its last days here”

  1. eyedol says:

    Poor windows. It doesn’t deserve a space on your hd. Bye windows

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