I Talk Tomorrow

As part of this week’s events at the job, I shall be participating in a panel on Open Source for Sustainable African Development. My talk shall be focused primarily on education.

Now, since giving this talk in front of what promises to be a fairly large audience wasn’t likely to stress me out enough, My co-presenters are Nhlanhla Mbaso, who works for the Meraka institute in South Africa(speaking on e-governance), and Dapo Ladimeji, a Nigerian living in the UK who is heavily involved in FOSSFA and has been for a while now(speaking on the African ICT industry)

Hence, I am the youngest and least experienced member of the panel. Great.

Now, I was going to give a fairly generic talk with a flash of the kind of ultra long term thinking I prefer to do in private at the end, but then I actually spoke to my co-panelists. It was one of those good rambling talks that ends up covering a ton of ground in a bunch of different areas and makes you aware of how similar some African problems are. Some of the ideas from there might end up on this blog in due time, if I work up the nerve to ever start putting up my thoughts on the long term future of the continent and what I see as its problems.

Anyway, now I have to skip some of the more generic parts of my talk for some of the bigger questions and some of the answers I think I have to them. Talking about this stuff in a formal setting is definitely unusual and a bit unnerving, but we’ll see how it goes. I have come to the conclusion that while I may not be the most qualified person to speak on this, I do have relevant background experience, plus the crowd is free to treat me like an idiot and ignore everything I say. That helps

Now back to preparing beamer slides. Wish me luck people.


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