Quick Question

Who would be the best person to talk to about getting my hands on some repository DVDs of Ubuntu Feisty? I think I may have been emailing the wrong people. Either that or they assumed it was some special form of the generic wealthy Nigerian businessman email. Although why they would be asking for free software repositories in place of account numbers and money would be weird.

No, I can’t download them. Our bandwidth is not that large. It would probably take me at least a month or two to get that done. And I have people in at least three other institutions in Ghana and Togo waiting for me to get a repository they can copy and host.

Any ideas?


14 Comments on “Quick Question”

  1. K.Mandla says:

    If you mean getting the actual DVD of Feisty, I think I’d try one of the LoCo teams around the continent. I’m sure someone in the South African team would be willing to download and burn one for you, and send it. You could ask on the forums too. Perhaps someone else in Ghana has a DVD version and can duplicate it for you. (If you can’t get anyone to send you a DVD “locally” send me a PM and I’ll burn one for you. It might take a while to get there though. 🙂 )

    Or did you mean setting up an online repository? Like a mirror server?

  2. kwasi says:

    Actually, I meant an online repository. Our bandwidth is too small to download one in anything resembling a short amount of time. And it would make a huge difference in terms of our ability use linux ourselves and get people to use linux too if we didn’t have to wait half an hour to install 10MB of program files.

    We currently have repos for debian testing and unstable and would like to add on ubuntu. As far as I know they do distribute main, universe and multiverse on about 3 or 4 DVDs. That we could distribute fairly easily and host ourselves for local access.

  3. I’d ask on some ubuntu user mailing list, or Canonical. A few words on who you are shoud convince them to send one to you, I’d think – if you want to wait the time the snail mail takes.

  4. K.Mandla says:

    I think another LoCo on the continent is still probably the best bet. I’m sure if you asked politely in the ZA LoCo team forum, someone would be willing to send you the DVD set.

  5. kwasi says:

    Joachim, you remember how long it took you to download debian. And that was on a system with about 2-3 times the bandwidth we have at the center. Plus now the power outages are more frequent. Sadly snail mail is actually faster.

    Sidenote: your debian mirrors have already been shipped to another University in Ghana and will probably go to Togo with the Ubuntu repository. I thought that might make you happy.

  6. kwasi says:

    K.Mandla, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll ask and see

  7. felix says:

    The debian mirror has also been shipped to the SFO in Accra 🙂
    Speaking of ubuntu: I’m trying to build a mirror (at the SFO), at the moment I’m at 1.1 GB of about 8 (Binary packages only). Let’s see how long it will take to finish – I hope somewhen next week is realistic.

  8. kwasi says:

    Felix, We would appreciate a copy when you are done with that mirror, thanks

  9. felix says:

    sure… “only” 1770 MB to go, out of ~4GB (not 8…) – I’ll keep you informed.

  10. felix says:

    finally got it.

  11. felix says:

    ok, forget it – this was only ‘main’. remains the 11808 MB for ‘restricted universe multiverse’…

  12. kwasi says:

    ouch. That might take a while

  13. felix says:

    Yep, it took a while (and a lot of patience and endurance…) but it finally completed last night 🙂
    send me an e-mail if you still need that stuff (14 GB)

  14. kwasi says:

    lol. Ours just got done too. I guess that is how it goes sometimes

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