Truly inspiring

Via Pam, a story about Major Robert H. Lawrence, a US air force pilot and the first black astronaut.

Interestingly enough I always thought Ronald McNair (another personal hero and inspiration) was the first. I guess we learn new things all the time.

Honestly, stories about people like that do a lot to keep me on track. Its unlikely I’ll ever face anything in my life as challenging as the troubles they faced and yet they made it. What can my excuse possibly be?

3 Comments on “Truly inspiring”

  1. David Altman says:

    Actually, the first black astronaut (or rather, cosmonaut) was Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez, who orbited the earth on Soyuz 38 September 18, 1980, as part of the Soviet Union’s “intercosmos” program.

  2. David Altman says:

    Correction: I should have qualified that: Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez, a Cuban, was the first black astronaut to actually go into space.

  3. kwasi says:

    Thanks David. Another thing I didn’t know.

    I’m sure these guys had some truly fascinating stories to tell

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