I met Kofi Annan

Yup, I stood face to face with the most famous(and at one time most powerful) Ghanaian in the world. Since The Job exists basically because of him, I guess he decided to come around and see what we do there.

This of course was a huge deal and the staff were basically warned to be on our best behaviour or else. I got to shake his hand and explain to him what the Scientific Computing wing does. And I somehow managed not to come across as a blabbering idiot (I hope)

Here’s the thing, I’m usually not the starstruck type. You can put me 5 feet away from someone who is supposed to be important and I usually will not care. Not this time. This time it was someone I actually respect. I was hugely nervous when he showed up. I think I still came off as halfway smart though.

Anyway, that made my week. Hence it makes it on here.

sidenote: sorry about the absence people. Regular programming has now resumed. More cool news to follow


3 Comments on “I met Kofi Annan”

  1. Helen says:

    that’s cool Kwasi! I love meeting ppl with power like Annan, it’s nice to see that they, like us, are always learning. Nice to know you could share news with him about your work. 🙂

  2. kwasi says:

    Thanks Helen.
    The hard part was really not letting how awestruck I was feeling prevent me from actually being able to form coherent sentences. I think I managed 🙂

  3. rottie says:

    whoo.. that is soo cool.. 🙂

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