Another step on the path

Looks like I am about to be on the move again. I’ve been back in Ghana for a little over a year now spending time with the family, working at an interesting and intellectually fulfilling job and getting back to scratching my martial arts itch with Judo (In the process of which I also began to eat properly again and shed about 15-20 lbs of accumulated fat from being sedentary earlier)

In that time I’ve

  • Seen my grandmother dance at her 90th birthday
  • Seen my father turn 60
  • Connected with parts of the family I didn’t know as well as I wanted to
  • Started to find the physical and mental discipline I used to have
  • Started writing again (more on that soon)
  • Become a much better coder

Now its time to move on. Starting in a little over a month I return to graduate academia, this time in the heart of London(back to Physics too btw). I’m really looking forward to this. I’m a lot more prepared for this than I have ever been and it’ll be nice to put my brain back on the high speed treadmill and see what happens. With luck I’ll still get to hit people on the side. Maybe get someone to teach me the basics of parkour too.

Wish me luck people


9 Comments on “Another step on the path”

  1. Benin Mwangi says:


    Hi thanks for the visit on Benin Mwangi. So you are a physicist? My dad taught physics in Ghana at UCC. One of his students became the first person to get a Ph.D. in physics from a Ghanaian university.

    So, what was it like meeting Kofi Annan?

  2. kwasi says:

    Thanks Benin. You have a very interesting blog.

    Yeah, I’m a Physicist. I’ve actually been to UCC’s department and they are pretty impressive. What was your dad’s name? I’ll see if I can find anyone who still remembers him.

    As for Kofi Annan…. He was smaller than I expected. He came across as one of those quiet observer types who examines a situation extensively before committing himself. This was on the basis of about a 3 minute conversation though so I’d take it with a grain of salt. Plus I was definitely starstruck.

  3. Nell says:

    Congratulations! Any university should consider itself very lucky to have you for a student. I wish you much success and hope it is intensely interesting. (Also, I saw a brief documentary film on parkour recently and thought it was beautiful and fascinating. It should go well with physics, I hope you find a good teacher.)

  4. kwasi says:

    Thanks to both of you ūüôā

  5. Benin Mwangi says:


    My dad name is Dr. Charles Brown aka Nana Kwado Amoah. Its a tiny world, isnt it.

    There was a professor who worked w. my dad Prof. Ayensu and my dad was invited by Prof Allotey

  6. kwasi says:


    Its a really tiny world. I’ve met Prof. Ayensu once or twice and just about every Ghanaian scientist knows who Prof. Allotey is.

    One of these days it would be fun to get a history of how the hard sciences developed in Ghana and the people who made it happen

  7. Benin Mwangi says:


    Yes, Prof Ayensu is some character isnt he? There was another gentleman too, I think his name was Prof Adjeypong who worked with my father too and is also a physicist.

    And I guess you are right even outside of Ghana, Prof Allotey is known as a godfather to up and coming international scientists.

    Thats a great idea on the historical sketch of Ghana’s scientific community.

  8. Florence French says:

    Hello Kwasi,

    How I stumbled upon your blog I do not know but I am so glad I did. I really appreciate a man who can so eloquently express his feelings. I am sorry for your loses of family members.

    I had a good friend from Ghana when I was studying at St. John’s Univeristy in New York, his name was Kweku Amonnu. We have lost touch over the years, probably my fault, but I have mostly only good memories of him.

    Thank you for expressing yourself so freely.


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