50 years from now……

This is an experiment by a hugely talented writer I know. A blog full of short stories about the earth in 50 years time. What makes it interesting is that all of these stories must share the same world. If someone defines a part of the world in a particular way, the rest of the stories that follow can’t contradict the original story. So far the stories up there are of remarkably good quality (In My Humble Opinion)

I’m supposed to add a piece of my own soon and I’m really hoping I don’t become the low point. (Yes, I’m writing seriously again. I’m not sure what to expect from myself, But I’d rather  keep trying than not do anything because I’m scared to fail)

Either way, read it people. It has my seal of approval.

Sidenote: Another story by the blog’s creator, this time for the 365tomorrows site. Take a look


2 Comments on “50 years from now……”

  1. Nasra says:

    Glad to be here…Nice web

  2. rottie says:

    Thanks for a great tip!

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