This should be fun

Apparently tomorrow the Ghana Standards Board is jointly hosting a seminar with Microsoft about their OOXML document standard which the Standards Board will be voting on as an ISO spec.

I’m going to leave alone the whole issue of how it looks for the standards board, which has a vote on the issue, to be hosting an MS sponsored event because I get to go. And I get to ask the MS presenter questions. And this being Ghana, I’m willing to bet money they do not expect an informed audience.

*slightly feral grin, hears ‘Jaws’ theme playing faintly in the background*

This should be FUN!


6 Comments on “This should be fun”

  1. zoobab says:

    So how was the event?

    Have you managed to ask some questions?

    Does the Standards Body is organising some hearing at a neutral place (not organised by Microsoft)?

    Have you managed to submit some technical comments to the standards body?

    We have some of those here:

    Please let me know if you have any news.

    Benjamin Henrion

  2. burgh says:

    “And this being Ghana, I’m willing to bet money they do not expect an informed audience.”

    I always experienced Ghana as a very nice African state with a qualified workforce. Ghana is great. *cracracra*

    • Etta says:

      Usuammy cement plants are fired with fosssil fuels such as natural gas, fuel oil, coal or petcoke; in the mena region most of the Plants are gas / oilfired. So inicodurtng solid fuels ( such as dried sludge) will need a differnt burner, storage , dosing and feeding system. This is standard in most countries in the world and only a minor technical issue which can be solved with small investments and short time.

  3. kwasi says:

    I’ll be posting about what happened at the meeting and my impressions of it probably later today.

  4. Hi Kwasi,

    still waiting for a report from the meeting… 🙂


  5. kwasi says:

    I’ll get it up tomorrow

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