In which some good stuff happens

bja license

What you are looking at is a tiny bundle of paper that confirms me as a fully licensed adult member of the British Judo Association. Why is this a good thing? Two reasons really.

  • Mainly it allows me to participate in judo competitions. Since all of these have to be sanctioned by the BJA, I can’t compete unless I am registered with them. I want to compete. At this stage in my development I think it is a very necessary learning tool. Maybe sometime I’ll explain what I mean by that. Plus throwing people is fun.
  • Less importantly it allows me to continue to test for grades and go up the officially sanctioned ladder. For the most part I have tended to have little respect for the concept of grades in martial arts, or in most areas for that matter, but I still think it is useful in this case.

On the subject of grading, I officially have my yellow belt, which means I have moved from a state of officially knowing nothing to a state of thinking I know a little while still knowing nothing. Still, a closet full of brightly colored sashes can’t hurt any.

Either way, as usual I am just trying to enjoy the process and learn something. Especially since it is becoming increasingly clear how much I don’t know.


4 Comments on “In which some good stuff happens”

  1. Nasra says:

    I use to be in teakwando and boy I hated having to be upgraded or going on test…So i gave up but its amzing seeing you going through the ladder …

  2. Well, congrats! Judo is good stuff and they seem to have a better attitude about competition than most.

  3. kwasi says:

    I did taekwando for a little while when I was very young. I ended up leaving because I hated the way the teacher treated his students. Now its different, I guess I’m more used to the stresses that come along with it.

    Thanks. And yeah, I definitely like that judo clubs tend to push you to compete and test your skills against new people instead of pretending they have the perfect system by default. It should be a fun ride once I start going out for competitions next year

  4. Hey, I discovered your blog by way of Steven Barnes. I also noticed your music list. I found some software out of Hungary (I wish I could code like you..) that allows me to create my own television channel. Here in the US music channels have stopped playing music so I created my own which you can find here:

    and here:

    It features just about all those artists, plus early weather report, the mahavishnu orchestra and return to forever. Tell me what you think.


    Philip Shropshire

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