This is not right

I’ve been sort of idly paying attention to the Kenyan elections over the past week. Not really intensely, but just enough so I knew who was running and what was happening. In the last few days, its been hugely depressing to watch. Basically, the incumbent, Mwai Kibaki, looked to be losing handily to Raila Odinga, his main opposition, and then all of a sudden the reporting of election results slowed down and Kibaki started to make up ground under what are at best highly dubious circumstances. Basically it looks very much like Kibaki’s people rigged the election. They then went on to hurriedly confirm him as president for a second term. As a result, there has been rioting by citizens mad at the loss of their vote and a lot of people have died. Apparently there is also a blackout in the locak news of the unrest. The BBC is mentioning it though, granted in passing.

You can find a far more detailed account of what is going on the BBC, kenyapundit, the thinker’s room and

I’m disgusted. And angry. And a bit depressed.Kibaki basically screwed up one of the most promising countries in Africa and set it back by at least a few years for no better reason than to remain in power for another 4. I’m just hoping that the unrest that his actions have created serve as a lesson to leaders in other African countries about the rising costs of tampering with the electoral system(yes Ghana, this includes you)

I’m off to look for more news people. Happy new year


2 Comments on “This is not right”

  1. ~beth says:

    It is sad. I may be American, but I was raised in Kenya and Kibaki -simply put- angers me. I’m off to scroll through your blog and do some reading!

  2. Happy New Year. I share your thought that it only takes a spark for there to be fire. Here, the spark was started by the anger at being slapped in the face by a system that failed to work because of the powers that be.

    Anyway, this can happen in any country, especially on the continent. And, yes, let this be a lesson to the wise. But, we have seen repeatedly, at least in Nigeria, that the wise are far and few between.

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