This is a few days late, but still, my list of things I want to achieve this year. Experience has been teaching me that by keeping the list short and as specific as I can it’ll be easier for me to actually achieve the things on it. Long, vague lists are a lot harder to turn into something meaningful because it ends up being too much work to do in a year anyway and the feeling of being swamped halts what progress there would otherwise have been.

Anyway, here is the list for the next year in no particular order.

  1. Get through my masters degree with honours
  2. Participate in at least 3 judo competition. Ideally I’d like to win but I’ll settle for never fighting below my ability
  3. Write one short story every month this year. I need to get more serious with my writing. Giving myself deadlines should help me stay on track.

There are a few other small things but otherwise, yup, that’s it. Those aren’t mentioned because I’ll dump them in a heartbeat to keep these three on course. Wish me luck. What are yours by the way?


4 Comments on “Resolutions”

  1. GS says:

    hello…could you tell me where you practice Judo in Accra? I played many years ago and am thinking about picking it up again. I am a non-Ghanaian living in Accra.

    many thanks!

  2. Sara Genge says:

    Never fighting below your ability? That sounds pretty difficult to accomplish. I’d think it’d be easier to win fighting below your ability than to never falter. Anyway, good luck with that. What’s the point of a goal if it isn’t difficult to achieve?

    I used to do karate although I wasn’t much of a fighter. I did fine with katas, but keeping my limbs coordinated while fending off another moving object was simply too much for me. I guess everyone must be pathetic at something. I wish my patheticness could’ve been limited to combat.

  3. kwasi says:

    @ GS
    If you still check this blog, I trained in Accra at the Prisons judo club. As of the time I left, they met in the mess hall at the Prison Officer’s training grounds, which is just down the street form M-Plaza hotel. Training times were/are on tuesdays and thursdays from 5:30 until 7 PM and on Saturdays from 9 until 11 AM. I no longer have the coach’s number but you can get it from the national sports council.

    Yes, its a pretty big challenge, but that makes it a lot more fun in my opinion

  4. LifeGoals says:

    Hi, its good to see people taking control of what they want to be achieving ! I’m setting up a new website to help people go through their own personal goal setting process. In the process, I will also share tips and recommendations on time management and other essential life skills.

    I hope it will benefit other people who have been struggling with putting their goals into a tangible plan.

    good luck with your goals !

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