Aah, beaten to it(another Wire post)

There was meant to be a follow up to my post on The Wire where I would discuss what a version of that show looking at Africa would look like. However I’ve been slow about writing these things and so fellow African geek aflakete pointed me to this post on Brown Man’s Burden that beat me to the punch. Hence I’ll just quote him

I think an interesting show, similar to the Wire, could be made about economic development and foreign aid. It would document NGOs, the World Bank, bureaucrats, politicians, big foundations and academics in their efforts to distribute aid and stimulate economic growth.

The key would be to show how the self-interest of each of these groups both helps and hinders the process of growth, and to convey how complicated stimulating growth and poverty alleviation is.

Obviously the man is a genius since we both had the exact same idea. Except he’s faster at writing these things out than I have been recently. Its still a great idea though, and it’ll provide a convenient launching pad for my next post on this topic. Sooner rather than later people, don’t worry.


4 Comments on “Aah, beaten to it(another Wire post)”

  1. Nell says:

    Kwasi, Just wanted to give you a greeting and say I am delighted you are continuing your blog. I continue to check it. I alway enjoy your writing and your perspective. This is just to share some photos that you and your readers might enjoy viewing. Though they are not particularly related to any of your recent topics they are riveting photos. If you haven’t seen them, here are some pictures of the Chilean volcano Chaitén erupting in a lightning storm. The first 13 in the series are during the storm:
    Wishing you much success as always,

  2. kwasi says:

    Thanks Nell,
    THose are some truly great pictures

  3. durai says:

    your post are much informative and useful for every one i like to spend ample time with your blog..

  4. Que? says:

    Your ‘Wire’ idea is ridiculously brilliant. Seriously though, can anyone think of how to make it happen? Any scriptwriters? Anyone with South African contacts? If they can make Jacob’s Cross, then we don’t need to go all the way to the States to get this done and done well.


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