And its done (pretty much)

So I am (semi) officially done with my Masters. Research is done, my thesis has been turned in and I have defended it. While my results still have to be ratified by the college(pretty much a formality) I can say that I have a Masters by Research in Bio, Nano and X-Ray Photonics from the Physics department of King’s College London. Bit of a mouthful, I know.

And so with that done it is time to move on to the next phase of my life. As soon as I know what that is, so will anyone actually still reading this blog(I’d assume there is maybe one of you at this point)

Until later people


8 Comments on “And its done (pretty much)”

  1. I’m reading it… (on Dunno if I’m the only reader there, though :-))

  2. Oh, an congratulations by the way 🙂

  3. Congratulations man. Make sure to take some time being gloriously irresponsible before you properly resurface…

  4. bgm says:

    Congratulations and I’m still reading too.

  5. Hello there!

    I don’t know you but this is an accomplishment that is worthy of congratulations!!

    Blessings unto you!


  6. kwasi says:

    Thanks a lot people. I’m kind of surprised that this many of you are still reading, but glad too.

    I’m working on the glorious irresponsibility thing too. Well, a little

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