Recent additions to the bookshelf

One of the advantages of this past year has been a commute from the south of London to the center of the city daily that meant I had between 1 1/2 and 2 hours sitting or standing while waiting to get where I was going. Sometimes that went to reading academic papers for my masters, but a lot of the time it went to recreational reading. Add that to the fact that I got a library card as soon as I could(making this the sixth city on the third continent where I have paid library fines) and I was able to get through quite a few books. Well, considering that I was in school at the time.

The highlight list includes:

That’s not a fully complete list, but those are most of the books I remember. Well, there’s also a bunch of classic science fiction books, but I’ll talk about those later


4 Comments on “Recent additions to the bookshelf”

  1. Que? says:

    Lucky sod! I miss books and bookstores here in GH,


  2. Abena says:

    Interesting. I found that travelling from North London to Central london every day during my own masters was usually spent trying to balance myself in the chock-full tube or desperately trying to read last mintute notes for lectures ahead. I can’t say I read a single book on that commute but I suppose it was much shorter.

  3. kwasi says:

    Que, I know what you mean. One of the things that I missed a lot when o moved back to Ghana was the scarcity of bookstores and good libraries. I ended up spending a decent amount of money at the used bookstore on Oxford street.

  4. kwasi says:

    Abena, I probably did have a longer commute than you, plus because it was a research masters, I had very few lectures. Most of the time I was able to wait and leave after rush hour and grab a comfortable seat for the commute.

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