This is a few days late, but still, my list of things I want to achieve this year. Experience has been teaching me that by keeping the list short and as specific as I can it’ll be easier for me to actually achieve the things on it. Long, vague lists are a lot harder to turn into something meaningful because it ends up being too much work to do in a year anyway and the feeling of being swamped halts what progress there would otherwise have been.

Anyway, here is the list for the next year in no particular order.

  1. Get through my masters degree with honours
  2. Participate in at least 3 judo competition. Ideally I’d like to win but I’ll settle for never fighting below my ability
  3. Write one short story every month this year. I need to get more serious with my writing. Giving myself deadlines should help me stay on track.

There are a few other small things but otherwise, yup, that’s it. Those aren’t mentioned because I’ll dump them in a heartbeat to keep these three on course. Wish me luck. What are yours by the way?

Another step on the path

Looks like I am about to be on the move again. I’ve been back in Ghana for a little over a year now spending time with the family, working at an interesting and intellectually fulfilling job and getting back to scratching my martial arts itch with Judo (In the process of which I also began to eat properly again and shed about 15-20 lbs of accumulated fat from being sedentary earlier)

In that time I’ve

  • Seen my grandmother dance at her 90th birthday
  • Seen my father turn 60
  • Connected with parts of the family I didn’t know as well as I wanted to
  • Started to find the physical and mental discipline I used to have
  • Started writing again (more on that soon)
  • Become a much better coder

Now its time to move on. Starting in a little over a month I return to graduate academia, this time in the heart of London(back to Physics too btw). I’m really looking forward to this. I’m a lot more prepared for this than I have ever been and it’ll be nice to put my brain back on the high speed treadmill and see what happens. With luck I’ll still get to hit people on the side. Maybe get someone to teach me the basics of parkour too.

Wish me luck people

New Year’s Goals

Well, another year has come around and it is time for me to take charge of my life and steer it down the right path. I figure by writing out my goals down and making them concrete I’ll be more likely to follow through. Here goes

Approach every class from a ‘teach yourself’ perspective. Look up alternate materials, review notes asap after class, make sure I maintain a solid understanding of the core concepts and any necessary mathematics.
Put in as much time as is necessary to make sure that I’m ready for qualifiers by the end of the semester.
Find an advisor. Ideally the professor doing solar cell research. I need the money and the experience.
Also, finish reading the Feynman lectures. Try to average a chapter a day.

Continue my daily martial arts regimen. I’ve been doing this for about a week. Sooner or later it’ll end up on here. Probably some time this week.
Try and work out a weekly training routine with Master Wang, my current teacher. Ideally get into shape so I can compete in either Baltimore or Akron at the end of the year in forms, push hands and sparring.

Call my parents more. They worry about me and I miss them. I learned from my mother’s cancer scare that it’s impossible to predict how long they’ll be around.
Pay more attention to people I care about. For some reason, I tend to take the people I care about for granted. Not out of malice, but becase I assume they’ll always be there. They deserve a higher priority. Bu the end of this week, I’ll be caught up on all the phone calls and emails I’ve been putting off.
Return to the version of me that couldn’t care less about whether or not people like me. I’m happier and more genuine when I’m free to say what I’m thinking and not worry about other people’s expectations. Plus I get more women.
Speaking of women. I need to start dating again. As soon as qualifiers are over I have some calls to make.

Recognise the worth of every moment

This seems loke a long list but a lot of the things on there are actually connected. Basically, if I treat myself and my family with the respect they deserve, the rest will fall into place.