Some road show pictures

Me holding a crocodile tail at Paga, just south of the Ghana – Burkina border
Me and the Crocodile

The Physics Department at KNUST. I gave a talk there on open source scientific computing
tech physics

Yeji, A fishing town on the banks of the Volta lake. We grabbed a ferry here

Two Women on a motorbike in Tamale (a very common sight actually)
Women on motorbikes

A good shot out of the bus door

Maybe I’ll throw up some more later


I believe I promised some overdue pictures

These are mostly of from the day of the Ghana – USA game. I’m sure you’ll have no problem telling which are before and which are after.

I’d talk about the games now, but I’m hungry and about to head home for some of that great home cooking. Plus monday is a holiday. Well, technically today is, but its been pushed up to monday. Therefore those of you who absolutely can’t wait to hear what I think will unfortunately have to wait a little while. In the meantime though, enjoy

sidenote: apologies to those on dialup. I assure you that *I* think its worth the wait



Car Flag 2

Car Flag 1

crowd 5

crowd 4

Crowd 2

Crowd 1

Crowd 3